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Simple Tips For Eating Healthy While Eating Out

A lot of people think that dieting or simply being healthier means that they have to give up eating out at restaurants or enjoying their favorite foods in general. Fortunately, that's not the case at all. If you're smart about it, you can enjoy dining out (and the socializing that usually goes with it!) without packing on the pounds or halting your weight loss efforts.

Avoid All You Can Eat Joints

First things first, understand that losing weight and/or being healthy doesn't necessarily mean you can eat anywhere you want. Most dieters, for example, will want to avoid all you can eat or buffet style restaurants. While it is possible to maintain control at these types of restaurants, most find that it's not all!

Having too many options, feeling that urge to "get your money's worth," and the easy accessibility of unhealthy food make this dining style difficult for most. Plus, most of the food served up on buffets is a far cry from healthy; you're better off going somewhere where you can just order off the menu.

Plan Accordingly

Another helpful tip is to only dine out when you know it's coming. For example, plan restaurant trips in advance so that, if you know you're going to be eating a little more at lunch or dinner than usual, you can plan the rest of your day accordingly calorie-wise.

If you're going out for a big dinner, then eat lightly for breakfast and lunch. Don't ever skip meals though, as this will slow your metabolism and could potentially trigger you to binge when you do finally sit down to eat.

Have Your Order Ready

Trying to choose the healthiest meal on the menu while talking to your friends and avoiding the bread basket can be difficult. That's why it's smart to set aside a little time before you dine to study the restaurant's menu. That could mean arriving early or examining the menu online if available.

Take your time choosing healthy yet appetizing dishes, asking questions of your server, or, when available, studying nutrition information. Just a little planning will make it so much easier to ensure you get a healthy meal.

Speak Up!

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for your meal the way you want it cooked! A lot of people are nervous about "special requests," but servers and cooks alike really are used to them and, more often than not, willing to accommodate them.

So, go ahead and ask for that chicken baked instead of fried or for the sauce on the side. You'll be glad you spoke up (and followed the rest of these tips) when you see your svelter self in the mirror!