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Tips For Planning A Successful Charity Gaming Convention

Gaming today has become quite a lucrative pastime, one that many people, young and old, enjoy immensely. A gaming convention is an excellent way to get a lot of professional and amateur gamers together to have a great time and to help donate some much-needed cash to your charity. Learn how you can forego traditional bake sales and rummage sales for charity fund-raising by putting on a gaming convention for charity.

Choosing A Large Banquet Hall Ahead Of Time Is A Good Idea

Finding the largest venue possible is best when planning a gaming convention. Gaming is extremely popular, so making sure you have enough room is paramount. Once you have venue like a large banquet hall, making certain you will have plenty of electrical outlets is necessary. You should not have trouble with outlets for plugging in computers and other gaming equipment because many banquet halls are geared for things like a band's musical instruments and electrical cookware used by professional caterers. Be sure to also choose a facility that provides access to the Internet.

Tables, Chairs And Booths Are Important Considerations

Long tables are the best choice for some gamers, especially if someone is visiting your convention with their gaming partner. Remember to place tables alongside walls for easy access to electrical outlets. The best way to use up the open space in the center of the banquet hall is by putting up makeshift booths. Booths are great for gamers sitting in on on game competitions so no one else can see their progress. Competition gaming can also be a good way for you to earn extra cash for your charity. Many pro-gamers only visit convention to participate in competitions. You do not have to give away a lot of cash to competition winners. Buying up a couple of the latest games is the best way to secure prizes for competition winners.

Charging For Your Gaming Activities

You can earn cash for your charity in several ways through a gaming convention, one the biggest being front door admission. You can also set a fee for wi-fi usage as well. Selling screen-printed T-shirts with your gaming convention logo and dates on it is another way you can earn additional cash for your cause. Remember, gamers get hungry, so selling hot dogs, hamburgers, snacks and beverages can help you raise even more cash.

Once you have your gaming convention planned and everything is in place, advertising it is vital to get the most people there. Put up signs anywhere you can about your convention and find out how you can also advertise online, on the radio and on television. Reaching as many gamers as possible about your convention is the best way to get as many people as possible to join in.