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Sports Bars: A Healthy Place To Spend Your Time

Your significant other may question why you must spend so much time at your favorite sports bar drinking beer and eating pizza. Next time, tell them that you are working on your mental health. Being a sports fan can make you a happier, better-adjusted individual, and that makes you a better partner in a relationship.


When you choose to support a sports team, you immediately belong to a large group of people with the same interest. As a result, you can connect with people anywhere you go. For instance, if you wear your St. Louis Cardinal baseball hat while traveling on the East coast, you will probably have people approach you to give support and even talk about the team's prospects next year. If you are a soccer fan, you can instantly bond with other Juventus S.C. fans when you travel overseas. Wherever you go, you can find a connection.


Backing a winning team can increase your self-esteem and confidence. Research shows that fans feel more self-assured after a win and are more likely to ask someone out. The win makes them feel more attractive. Watching sports can also improve your current relationship since a man's testosterone rises after his team wins, sometimes as much as 20%, which can really heat things up at home. Some experts tag this as the "reflected glory" syndrome. If your team is awesome, then so are you.

Mental Benefits

When you love a team, you tend to analyze why it wins and loses. Packers fans have undoubtedly dissected their recent loss to the Denver Broncos multiple times. The Mets fans will be looking at game five of the World Series for years. This type of mental activity helps to keep your mind active and performing better. Research shows that sports talk improves your language skills. So as you age, following a sports team can keep your mind working at a higher level.

As long as you don't stuff yourself, hanging out at a sports bar with your friends watching the game is actually a really healthy activity. Studies also show that it can make your relationship stronger if both of you are fans. Bringing your significant other to the sports bar with you can make things even better at home. Either way, you will benefit by letting your sports fan side roam free and take in the games with other avid supporters at a sports bar