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Better Brews: 5 Helpful Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Beer Tasting

If you are more of a beer drinker than a wine drinker, you might want to consider attending a beer tasting. Just like wineries, many brew pubs offer beer tasting that includes local and international craft brews. Spending the afternoon tasting beer can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only do you get to relax and enjoy a brew, you also get to taste and experience new types of beers. Who knows—you might even find your new favorite!

While tasting beer is fun, there is a bit of science to it. To make the most out of your beer tasting experience, keep these five tips in mind:

1. Start Off Light

Ideally, you should start off with light and mild beers. Darker beers often have bigger flavor profiles and they can make it harder to taste the delicate flavors of lighter beers. So to ensure that you can taste all the mild and delicate flavors, you should always start off with the light and mild beers such as a pale ale. Once you're done tasting the light beers, you can move on to the dark beers without compromising your taste buds.

2. Visit a Brew Pub

While you can certainly do a beer tasting at home, it's best to go to a brew pub. These places are similar to wineries. Brew pubs often have a variety of craft and micro brews from a variety of breweries, including local ones. Plus, the professionals that work there can help you choose beers that you might like. So don't be afraid to go beer tasting in public. It's a fun experience that many take part in.

3. Sip

Although it may be tempting to chug the beer you're tasting, you shouldn't. Remember, you are there to taste the beer. So take sips of the beer and savor the flavor. Hold each sip in your mouth and notate the mouth-feel, body, and flavors of the beer. If you like a particular beer, you can always order more and enjoy it later.

4. Eat Bland Foods

In order to get the best flavors out of the beers, you should make sure that you don't eat anything too heavy or flavorful. While a cheeseburger might sound like a nice lunch or dinner, it won't help your palate any when it comes to distinguishing flavor profiles. So eat something bland, such as dry toast or salt-free crackers before—and during—your tasting. This way you will be able to taste even the most delicate flavor coming from the beer.

5. Use Your Nose

Finally, make sure you are using your nose when you taste the beer. Your sense of smell goes a long way towards tasting flavors. So just like wine tasting, you should use your nose when tasting beer. Right after the beer is poured, stick your nose near the mug and get a good whiff.

Beer tasting is always a fun experience. If you have never visited a brew pub and participated, you should. Just remember to use these tips, and more importantly, have fun. If you're looking for a brew pub in your area, visit Four Mile Bar & Grill Brew Pub.