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Best Chinese Restaurant Items For Bodybuilders In Training

If you are a bodybuilder, you understand that it is important to eat meals with lots of protein. You might be under the impression that this means you can't eat Chinese food. There is a popular misconception that all Chinese food is carb heavy and low protein. However, this is not true. Here are four dishes that are low on the carbs and rich in protein. The meals below will feature eggs, pork, chicken, beef or tofu. These ingredients will provide the protein. They will also have vegetables, which have healthy, complex carbs and fiber.

Beef and Broccoli

This is a classic Chinese restaurant dish. The beef provides lots of protein, and the broccoli provides you with healthy carbs. The broccoli is full of fiber, which means you won't feel hungry later. If you are in the cutting phase of your training (dropping fat, as opposed to a bulking phase) then you should ask the chef to go light on the sauce. The sauce is made of soy sauce, ginger, and sweeteners. Dropping the sauce is a great way to eliminate some of the calories from the dish.

Buddha's Delight

If you're a vegetarian bodybuilder, then the perfect dish for you is Buddha's Delight. It is made with steamed vegetables and tofu. Tofu, sometimes called bean curd on Chinese restaurant menus, is a fantastic source of protein. The dish is also very heart healthy. The vegetables are steamed. The tofu and veggies are covered in a light soy sauce without any heavy sweeteners.

Egg Foo Young

Another great option on the menu is mushroom egg foo young. Egg foo young is a type of omelet. As you know, eggs are a fantastic source of protein. You can get pork, chicken, or beef egg foo young. Vegetarians can also choose mushroom or mixed vegetable egg foo young. The eggs are mixed with bean sprouts, scallions, and other vegetables then fried in a wok. The dish is normally served with a heavy gravy. Vegetarians will want to ask that the gravy be left out since it is made with beef stock.

Happy Family

This is a dish that includes shrimp, lobster, pork and beef. It also includes bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, mushrooms and baby corn. The ingredients are sautéed in a sweet sauce. The seafood, beef and pork are all packed with protein. The vegetables provide complex carbs and fiber. Some restaurants will serve this dish with white rice. You should leave out the white rice because it provides no protein or fat, and is not a good carbohydrate like the veggies. To learn more, contact a business like Dynasty Garden