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4 Ways To Renovate A Small Restaurant Dining Area

When the dining area to your restaurant isn't large, it's hard to envision the space being overly inviting to your many clients. You want your diners to have a dining experience that is positive, and remodeling your main seating areas will help make the space more welcoming.

Here are four ways you can renovate your smaller dining area. Whether you are working on an outdoor dining spot or your main indoor eating sections, these tips can help transform your restaurant into a more inviting space to be.

Get larger tables

Rather than have multiple smaller tables for your diners to enjoy, invest in larger tables and remove some of the smaller ones to create more space for your diners to enjoy. Your dining room will appear larger simply because it won't be overly crowded with tables and chairs and your diners will appreciate having room to move about and enjoy their meals without bumping elbows with one another.

Another thing to consider is this: get rid of booths, which can be bulky and hard to get in and out of, and opt for only tables instead. Doing this small upgrade can make your dining room much more welcoming.

Add sheer curtains

Sheer curtains over your dining room windows will not only allow ample sunlight to come into your eatery, which helps make the space look larger and more bright, but the sheer curtains add warmth and a cozy appeal to your dining room as well. When your diners see that there is a lot of natural light in your dining area, they will feel more at home and feel less cramped, even if you are only offering them a small space to eat in.

Remove cash register sections

Your reception desk and cash register should not be placed on the main dining room floor. Doing so can block the traffic of your patrons as they navigate your small eating space and can make the room look more crowded than it really is. Instead, move your cash register closer to the main doors or even towards the rear of the establishment.

Incorporate more light colors

Dark colors, like navy, maroon, and dark green, all make a space look smaller and more authoritative. Incorporate some lighter or pastel hues, such as off-white, soft yellow, and even a soft sherbet color, to make your dining area look brighter and more inviting to be in. You can use both light and dark colors, just make sure the lighter colors are the main ones people see.

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