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Tips For Holding A Special Event At A Steakhouse

Special occasions call for special venues, and you can't go wrong with steakhouses, especially if they provide private event space. Treat your guests to a delicious meal in a relaxed setting for an event that they won't forget.

A steakhouse makes the perfect venue for a wide range of special events, including birthday parties, corporate and family get-togethers at holidays, bridal and baby showers, anniversary and graduation celebrations, and even wedding receptions. Steakhouses can accommodate almost any size of occasion, from intimate soirees to large, boisterous parties. 

While there are many special event venues from which to choose, steakhouses are unique in that you won't have to worry about menu planning. Not only will your friends and family members enjoy mixing and mingling in a laid-back space, but you can also cross hiring a catering company off of your event-planning to-do list.

Here are some additional things to consider when holding a special event in a local steakhouse:

1. Private Event Space 

If you are holding a large party, you may be able to rent the entire restaurant for the duration of the event, turning the entire space into your own private venue. For smaller celebrations, however, a smaller and more intimate dining area may be available.

If having a secluded space away from the rest of the eatery's guests is of importance to you, inquire with the event staff prior to booking. Some restaurants offer a room upstairs or off of the main dining room for special events. 

2. Special Event Menu

Another factor to consider when booking a steakhouse for an event is whether they have a special occasion menu or not. Creating a set menu for guests to order from may be more cost-effective than offering an a la carte option. If it's an Italian steakhouse, you may also be able to have the lunch or dinner served family-style on buffet tables. 

Even though the venue is a steakhouse, be sure to provide at least one meat-free meal option for the vegans and vegetarians on your guest list. Some ideas include grilled portobello mushroom caps or skewers, cheese pizza, or vegetable lasagna. 

3. Decorations

If you want to give the space a personalized touch, ask the event staff what types of decorations are allowed. While you may not be able to change the lighting elements, you can most likely bring in balloons, streamers, and even customized table centerpieces such as floral arrangements. 

You can also bring your own linens, including tablecloths and cloth napkins, if you prefer something other than the standard white ones provided by most restaurants. Contact a steakhouse near you to see what options they have for special events.