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4 Ways To Add Romance To A Waterfront Dining Experience

Waterfront dining is romantic enough as it is, but if you have a big date planned, then you can really kick the romance up a notch with some proper planning. Follow our guide for some ideas on ways to enhance the romance and create a memorable time for you and your date.

1. Sunset Reservations

Waterfront views are gorgeous no matter what time you dine out, but some of the most beautiful colors and visuals occur at sunset. You and your date can take in the visuals when you reserve a table specifically for sunset. When you plan the day of the date, try to book a table for around twenty minutes before the sunset.

By the time you sit down to settle and order, you will have a clear opportunity to view and enjoy the sunset together. You could even arrange to have both seats face out towards the sunset for better views.

2. Romantic Messages

Plan out a little romance long before the date by setting up romantic messages for your date. For example, if you're having dinner at a beachfront dining restaurant, then you can write a message in the sand or spell one out in sticks. You can create something basic by using initials like "A+C", draw a giant heart, or write out a message like "I Love You".

Take the romantic gesture one step further by hiring a plane banner. In many waterfront dining locations, a plane can fly by and display a customized banner message. The upgrade to a banner is ideal for the ultimate romantic gesture like a marriage proposal.

3. Romantic Pictures

The waterfront background makes for an ideal place to take images of you and your date. When you take images, follow some steps to help make the picture stand out. One of the best tips to follow is to avoid using the flash. It will create harsh reflective lighting on skin and block out any views of the water.

Try to use the natural light of the restaurant or the soft glow of a candle to provide an ideal lighting experience.

4. Romantic Gifts

Use the theme of a beachfront dining restaurant to give your date a gift. For example, you could gift them a bracelet or necklace with a shell theme design. You could present them with some beach flowers in a vase filled with sand. Get creative with your ideas to help create a memorable time and impress your date.

The first step is making your waterfront dining reservation and setting your date in motion with a reserved table.