Sports Bars: A Healthy Place To Spend Your Time

Your significant other may question why you must spend so much time at your favorite sports bar drinking beer and eating pizza. Next time, tell them that you are working on your mental health. Being a sports fan can make you a happier, better-adjusted individual, and that makes you a better partner in a relationship. Community When you choose to support a sports team, you immediately belong to a large group of people with the same interest. [Read More]

Tips For Planning A Successful Charity Gaming Convention

Gaming today has become quite a lucrative pastime, one that many people, young and old, enjoy immensely. A gaming convention is an excellent way to get a lot of professional and amateur gamers together to have a great time and to help donate some much-needed cash to your charity. Learn how you can forego traditional bake sales and rummage sales for charity fund-raising by putting on a gaming convention for charity. [Read More]

A Vegetarian's Survival Guide To Chinese Restaurants

If you or your date is a vegetarian, then you understand how difficult it can be when dining out. The great news about eating at a Chinese restaurant is that they have lots of meals that are completely meat free. However, there are some things that might appear to be vegetarian, but actually include fish sauce or oyster sauce (such as vegetable lo mein).  Below is a list of some items that are completely vegetarian. [Read More]

Simple Tips For Eating Healthy While Eating Out

A lot of people think that dieting or simply being healthier means that they have to give up eating out at restaurants or enjoying their favorite foods in general. Fortunately, that's not the case at all. If you're smart about it, you can enjoy dining out (and the socializing that usually goes with it!) without packing on the pounds or halting your weight loss efforts. Avoid All You Can Eat Joints [Read More]